Pioneers of Silence

The early silent films from the late 19th century have never had well-designed packaging. When they were originally released, viewers saw them through a kinetoscope. What’s a kinetoscope you ask? It’s a dark box with a light inside that holds a spool of film, the viewer would look through an eye piece and hand crank the film to see it animate before their eyes. For my senior project at MCAD, my goal was to create new packaging for the silent films that incorporates a considered design aesthetic, as well as giving the consumer a more modern experience.

The whole set is contained within a handcrafted box, including the blu-rays on the left and a kinetoscope-like-device on the right. You get the best of both worlds with the super high-resolution video of blu-ray and a more authentic reproduction of a kinetoscope. The branding echoes the jitteriness of the videos and the act of physical splicing film. Each blu-ray case is bound with a clear and screen printed acetate with stills from the videos. The third volume introduces more colors to the palette, as do the films from this time period. Materials were highly considered to create a more intimate and tactile experience.

AgencyMCADDesignDan Shearen